How To Find The Best Paper Shredder That Is Right For You


With many paper shredders in the market, it is not easy to choose the right shredder for your individual needs. You have to be aware of several things before you settle down to get that shredder. One of the considerations is how many people will be using it and how frequent it will be. The number of people will either be members of your family or the entire department in the office. The other consideration is the amount of paper that will be shred daily. This will be determined by the number of people utilizing the shredder, and this may vary from one sheet to hundreds of layers. The size of paper that will be shred also counts. There are different levels of security like cross cut, strip cut and confetti cut that are offered by tearing paper.


Typically, paper shredders are categorized into sections based on their capacity and power. Some of the most common categories are office, home, departmental and industrial. Among these groups, you can find high-security shredders and specialty shredders. The home paper shredder is used to shred canceled checks, receipts, personal bank statements and junk emails. These shredders are specifically designed for lighter duties of one to two people. These home paper shreds are available in cross cut models and strip cut. For the strip cut shredders, it sheds documents into long strips while the cross-cut shreds small paper and at a slower pace, check this article for more info!


Office paper shredders are used for small business owners and small offices. There are laws and regulations that demand these companies to have these shredders because they need to appropriately dispose of the personal records they receive from consumers and their employees. For the healthcare facilities, they have to protect their privacy of their patients by properly disposing of records. For the office paper shredders, they are made to cater for shredding needs of several users by being able to handle various cases of paper per day.


Commercial APapershredder are calculated to tear more sheets of paper all at once. They have deep throats that can accommodate paper of any size. Industrial paper shredders are available in cross cut or strip cut models, and they can easily shred through staples, clips. They can also handle credit cards, floppy disks, and cassette disks. Some commercial shredders are offered with conveyor belt feed systems and hoppers to automate slicing of large volumes of paper.